All the data.
All the time.
DCAPs is a cryptocurrency data aggregator with a difference — you!
As a decentralized price tracker and market analytics platform, DCAPs brings together the most sought-after market insights, price information, and user-contributed data feeds to deliver a powerful resource for both beginners and experts alike.
A Beacon of Truth

DCAPs is designed to provide a single source of truth for the most important blockchain and cryptocurrency data.

Featuring a powerful DAO-backed internal economy and a secure data integration and review procedure, DCAPs ensures all the most important data is made available to all the right people.

The Data You Want

DCAPs is built by the people, for the people. This means it’s packed with data and insights contributed by people just like you to help make operating, trading, and using cryptocurrencies simpler and more rewarding.

Anybody is free to submit an exchange, token, trading pair on DCAPs, and will be rewarded for helping to update the platform with the most up-to-date data.

Have Your Voice Heard

As a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), DCAPs is designed to reflect the will of its community members. Want a new data point added to the site? Submit your proposal to the DAO and have your say in how DCAPs evolves. Or help govern the platform, remove incorrect/malicious data, and help guide the evolution of the first open data analytics platform.

A New Standard
in Data Discovery
Current centralized price trackers and data analytics platforms act as one of the most crucial points of reference for a large proportion of both would-be and current cryptocurrency users. But they also act as the gatekeepers of information, leading to delays and effectively censoring projects not fortunate enough to make the cut.
DCAPs eliminates this issue by allowing projects to direct list their data while leveraging a community DAO to prevent and eliminate dubious data and sources.
  • List a project, trading pair, or exchange and earn DCAPs
  • Create and vote on governance proposals
  • Help choose which data sources, filters, and pages are added first
  • Create and apply ads without intermediaries
  • Completely open-source, we encourage mirrors
  • Accessible to all — decentralized by design
  • Community-owned, stakers earn a yield from DCAP’s revenue
  • 100% uptime. No matter what.
Token Utility
As a DCAPs holder, you are the key stakeholder in the DCAPs ecosystem, and benefit from the following initial utility:
Stake your tokens and earn a fraction of all the revenue generated by the platform
Own a part of the DCAPs legacy and help shape its future
Choose the projects, exchange, and data prioritized for integration
Private sale
Public sale
market cap
Incubated By BlueZilla

Since the massively successful launch of BSCPad, we have demonstrated again and again that our team knows how to ‘move the needle’ with crypto marketing. In fact, at the time of writing this article, the BSCPAD token is one of the top trending tokens on Coingecko, several months after launch.

Both BSCPad and TRONPAD have delivered immense value for our early investors, boasting 300x+ ROIs, massive levels of awareness on social media platforms, and several successful launches. The power behind the TRONPAD marketing effort was so big that not only did it trend on Coingecko, CoinMarketCap, and Dextools for over a week, but it was also trending on Twitter.

All of this marketing power is fuelled by the strongest KOL lineup in the industry, which is growing by the day. Our social engagement and reach are higher than every competitor in the market on any chain and our consistent month-on-month growth since inception is testament to our reach.

The simple fact is, we have the resources, knowledge, and experience to deliver products that empower the community. With this, we fully intend to deliver a market-leading data aggregator that will act as the beacon of truth to old and new investors alike.

For more information about BlueZilla
Our Incubator Program

As the IDO space has experienced exponential growth, the number of new projects has exploded. In this new landscape, a premium is being placed on selecting and investing in only the best projects. Our new incubator program will select and support the most promising teams and projects, giving them marquee status across our ecosystem of launchpads. Think of these projects as ‘tentpole’ projects, or the main events in our calendar.

Via our incubator program, you will have access to:
  • Our legal department to help you set up the best jurisdiction for your token and project
  • Expert tokenomics design and vesting schedule creation
  • In house development support, token contract creation and auditing
  • Access to our marketing and KOL network
  • Exclusive access to our IDO platforms for the ultimate launch
  • Invaluable industry connections via our advisor and extended network
Apply for project incubation

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like to apply for incubation, click on the button below

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